Who are we ?

With thirty years of experience, Axeria is the only French company specialising in multiple damage insurance for businesses, on a human scale, and benefiting from an A-rating. Based in Lyon, Axeria places proximity at the heart of its model.

Our credo

Help companies and professionals to be more resilient to the specific risks of their activities.

Axeria, in brief

Positioned in strategic markets, such as property damage, professional multirisk and garages, Axeria knows how to quickly develop solutions in specialised markets and forge partnerships with wholesale players. With its employees, the company relies on a network of trusted brokers. Backed by the Somers group, Axeria intends to develop in France and Europe, with the deployment of its solutions abroad, in partnership with local players. Axeria capitalises on what makes it different and successful: an agile, close at hand, and innovative French company.


Our ambition

Axeria’s ambition is twofold: to deploy its solutions in France and Europe, so that each of its specific products becomes a reference on the market, while maintaining its model of proximity to its customers and brokers, which is its trademark and a strong guarantee of performance.


« In the ecosystem of professional risk insurers, we are recognised for the agility and relevance of our solutions and for the close proximity we maintain to our clients. We know how to invent new products, as closely as possible to the problems of companies and professionals. »

Sébastien Seux – CEO

Our Axeria 2022 brochure

Our Axeria 2022 brochure

Download our Axeria 2022 brochure

Our strategic sectors

  1. Industrial companies – tertiary
  2. Automotive professionals
  3. Craftsmen – tradesmen
  4. Associations of co-ownership

Our conviction

We thought we were done with the crises of the 20th century.

History tells us that this is not the case. In a globalised world, health, geopolitical, and environmental crises are shaking our societies.

In an uncertain and changing context, those who dare to undertake any activity must face the inherent risks, as well as those which exceed them.

The risk? We evaluate it every day with conviction, inventing relevant solutions.


Through our activity, we help companies to be more resilient.

For a company, to be resilient means being equipped to deal with risks.

It means being able to continue to produce and to create value, having anticipated the potential hazards.

In exceptional circumstances it sometimes means starting from scratch.

As an insurer, our mission is to strengthen the resilience of our customers, companies, and leaders. We do not prevent hazards, but we are there when they arise, to allow our customers to reorganise, to continue their activity, to develop it, and to reinvent it.


We are reassuring insurers.

And it is first through our brokers that we achieve this.

In terms of insurance, dematerialised approaches are showing their limits.

To provide lasting protection solutions, we place human relations at the heart of our mission.

Nothing replaces such an exchange for understanding and advising our customers.

There is no substitute for dialogue when our customers are faced with damage.


This is why we place our network of brokers at the heart of our approach.

They are our best ambassadors and the driving force of our solutions.

Our brokers are familiar with our products and provide expert advice to our policy holders.

When a disaster occurs, the latter are well-covered and recover more quickly from their difficulties.

Entrepreneurship means daring to take risks.

Insurance means allowing businesses to dare more serenely.


Dare to undertake, we take care of the rest.

Axeria Solvency and Financial Condition Report – SFCR Financial

Axeria Solvency and Financial Condition Report – SFCR Financial

Download the Solvency and Financial Condition Report (2022) – SFCR Financial

Consult all ours Axeria Solvency and Financial Condition Report – SFCR Financial :

Download the Solvency and Financial Condition Report (2021) – SFCR Financial

You can also consult the FR version of our Axeria Solvency and Financial Condition Report – SFCR Financial.

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