Multirisk building for residential use

Residential buildings: dedicated insurance

Axeria’s offer provides an insurance solution for residential buildings, comprising up to 25% of shops or offices.

Syndicate of co-ownership, volunteer trustee, owner in SCI or under their own name, free trade union association… your building has an area greater than 1000 m2. Discover our complete offer, to insure your building with complete peace of mind.

Axeria provides you with a tailor-made study and a global approach, through our underwriting department, to take over a real estate portfolio with advantageous conditions.


A complete offer

Our offer presents basic guarantees, such as fire and theft, but also extended guarantees, in particular:

  • Liquid damage: run-off water, overflow and backflow of sewers, accidental infiltration;
  • Electrical accidents: damage caused to electrical and electronic devices, electrical conduits for collective use;
  • Machine breakdown: in the event of destruction or deterioration of machines and technical installations: lifts, lift pumps, etc.
  • Damage caused during the move.


4 excess levels for an adjusted rate:

  • Without excess;
  • €500;
  • €1000;
  • €1500.


5 options available to optimise risk coverage

1/All risks section except:

For unnamed perils, including collapse (choice of three capital levels).

2/ Trustee’s fees

Following a covered loss, this allows the reimbursement of trustee’s fees.

3/ Landscaping, trees, and plantations

In order to guarantee the property outside, including in the event of vandalism: swimming pools, tennis courts, gates, digicodes, children’s play areas, etc.

4/ Legal protection

For all disputes relating to the insured building, including those with the administration, or those leading to industrial tribunals.

5/ All risks photovoltaic and solar panels
Guarantees on breakage, loss of income following a guaranteed loss, civil liability, in particular, vis-à-vis the electricity supplier.


A good level of compensation


Value of reconstruction, at the cost of new on the day of the loss. The depreciation of the property is guaranteed without being able to exceed 25% of the value of reconstruction.


Replacement value on the day of the loss, less depreciation.

Glass breakage

Replacement value on the day of the loss.

Machinery breakdown

Replacement value if the loss occurs within one year of commissioning.

All risks photovoltaic and solar panels

Replacement value if the loss occurs within three years of commissioning.