Multirisk for professionals in beauty and well-being therapies

A pioneer in this field, Axeria offers full cover to beauty and well-being professionals, who hold a state beauty diploma, to cover their premises, property, and professional equipment, as well as their professional civil liability.

A sector in constant evolution

The beauty and well-being market is a sector benefiting from significant technological innovation, with a constantly evolving legal framework. Faced with these changes, professionals in the sector need a complete solution covering professional civil liability and guaranteeing their work tools. Axeria adapts its offer to the activities of beauty and well-being professionals, whether classic or innovative, with the use of new technologies, including pulsed light. We offer two formulae of guarantee, depending on the place of activity, either in an institute or at the client’s home.


A complete offer for beauty and well-being professionals

Axeria has created a complete insurance offer to respond to all the problems and specificities of the profession. Thus, our “comprehensive risk for beauty and well-being professionals” policy offers essential civil liability cover, to which is added damage cover, to provide a complete insurance solution: fire, water damage, glass breakage, theft, business interruption, machinery breakdown, etc.

Our contract concerns aesthetic beauty and well-being activities, carried out by a professionally qualified person, or someone under the effective and permanent supervision of this person (National Education diploma, CAP ECP, ECP Professional Certificate, ECP Professional Baccalaureate, BTS MECP, or holder of a title registered with the RNCP of the cosmetic perfumery sector).


Essential guarantees for traditional activities, in institutes or at home

  • Facial or body care and modelling, including the use of non-invasive devices for aesthetic purposes;
  • Treatments, body wraps;
  • Depilation with tweezers, wax, threads;
  • Manicure with or without nail prostheses, nail styling, nail art;
  • Non-permanent makeup;
  • Eyelash extensions;
  • Mild or superficial peeling, based on fruit acid, or a natural base containing glycolic acid;
  • Colouring or discoloration of facial hair only;
  • Tanning;
  • Sale of cosmetics, perfumery, and/or costume jewelery, with a purchase value of less than €100, excluding tax.


For institutes, additional coverage for new technologies

  • Use of so-called new technology devices: pulsed light, LED, infrared, radio frequency, ultrasound, electroporation, infrasound, cryo-aesthetics, light therapy, high frequency, depresso-aspiration, presso-aesthetics, mechanical palpate-roll;
  • Permanent makeup;
  • SPA;
  • Sauna, steam room;
  • Provision of UV cabins;
  • Sale of food and/or dietary supplement, etc.


Guarantees included in the civil liability formula

  • Professional liability;
  • Post-delivery liability;
  • Criminal defence and recourse, including personal injury.


Wide-ranging guarantees

  • Fire;
  • Property damage following theft;
  • Civil liability due for the premises
  • Operating liability.

To complete the contract:

  • Theft/vandalism, water damage, glass breakage;
  • Operating loss or loss of market value;
  • Machine, computer, and office equipment breakages;
  • Transported goods and materials;
  • Loss of goods under refrigerated temperature, key person;
  • Legal protection;
  • Withdrawal and image rehabilitation costs and financial losses;
  • Building owner’s liability;
  • At home: goods and materials transported;


More for the sustainability of the business

  • 12 months loss of operation: possible application of the guarantee following an administrative closure of the establishment or impossibility of access;
  • Image removal and rehabilitation costs;
  • Key person: costs of temporary replacement, share of profit not made during the period of absence, additional costs incurred to maintain turnover.


Full support

  • Provision of a commercial vehicle to transfer goods after a disaster;
  • Emergency breakdown service, with travel and specialist intervention costs covered;
  • Electronic safe service for securely storing scanned documents.