Food trucks

To insure catering or mobile food sales professionals, Axeria has created a complete multirisk insurance solution, guaranteeing both business and vehicle. The all-in-one contract covers the place of work, work tools, civil liability, and the financial guarantee of the activity.

The activities concerned

Catering activities;

Traditional cuisine, pizza, burger, chip shop, kebab, merguez, pancakes, churros, waffles, sandwich shop, sushi;

Sale of food products;

Catering, rotisserie, creamery, butchery, delicatessen.


A complete contract

The activity is insured in its entirety, with three general excess levels: €400, €700, or €1000:

  • The vehicle or trailer;
  • The layout of the vehicle or trailer and the professional equipment contained therein;
  • Civil liability;
  • Financial security and legal protection of the business.


An ergonomic intranet for contract subscription and management

  • Obtaining the rate immediately;
  • Intuitive screens and online help;
  • Printing of documents: green cards, certificates;
  • Management of the contract and amendments directly on the site.

Monthly payment possible without additional costs


Our guarantees in detail

Our policy, dedicated to food trucks, takes into account the specificities of this activity, with a secure, all-risk offer, allowing professionals in the sector to carry out their work with peace of mind.


Business sustainability

Operating loss included for three months and coverage of additional operating costs.


  • Possible extension for three additional months;
  • Financial losses on professional fittings available as an option.


The vehicles

3 kilometric formulae proposed, according to the needs of the activity, sedentary or mobile:

  • 5000 km;
  • Between 5000 and 10,000 km;
  • + 10,000 km per year.

Single use: all trips


  • Support;
  • Lifting and towing costs;
  • Financial losses on the vehicle.


Facilities and activity

The contract covers all risks:

  • Professional facilities;
  • Merchandise;
  • Transported materials;
  • Cash register theft, transit and home theft are covered;
  • Glass breakage insurance for refrigerated display cabinets.

Optional :

  • Outdoor facilities;
  • Key person warranty;
  • Legal protection.


Civil liability

Third party liability is guaranteed and includes:

  • Operational liability component;
  • Post-delivery liability component;
  • Food poisoning;
  • Non-consecutive immaterial damage.