Multirisk for automotive professionals

From sales to repairs, including maintenance and services, the automotive sector covers various trades, each with their own specificities. Benefiting from solid experience in this type of risk, Axeria is positioned in this market with an all-in-one insurance solution developed for all automotive professionals.

A complete offer for all automotive professionals

  • Sales: agents, used vehicle dealers;
  • Services: car wash centres, fuel distribution, breakdown services, towing, and impoundment.
  • Maintenance and repair: diagnostic or technical control centres, repair mechanics, automotive body repairers, sheet metal workers and painters, auto centres (minor mechanics and sale of accessories), electricians, tyre fitters, sale and installation of car windows, cleaning, dewaxing, and preparation of vehicles.


An all-in-one policy

The activity of the professional is insured in its entirety:

  • Premises and professional equipment;
  • Vehicles (entrusted and owned, light and heavy goods vehicles);
  • Civil liability;
  • Financial security and legal protection.


In addition, several sites can be subscribed under the same contract


An ergonomic extranet for subscription and contract management

  • Obtaining a rate immediately (validated subject to statistics);
  • Simplified screens, online help;
  • One-click document editing, including green cards;
  • Fleet management directly on site.


An adaptable product

A tailor-made approach to suit all types of risk:

  • For owned vehicles, two formulae are available;
  • Wide choice of guarantees available as an option;
  • Free determination of assets;
  • Modulation of the Contractual Indemnity Limits to be as close as possible to the risks (LCI set per vehicle and per event).


An adjusted rate

  • Automatic reduction when prevention and security measures have been implemented;
  • Automatic adjustment of the tariff according to the number of claims;
  • Possibility of monthly payment without fees.


Our guarantees in detail

Our Auto Sector offer is especially designed for automotive professionals and the specific risks of these professions. Find out about our detailed guarantees, which cover a wide range of risks.



The contract covers all the vehicles in your establishment, regardless of their number:

  • Entrusted vehicles: Entrusted vehicles: automatically covered for all risks including driver’s guarantee and assistance;
  • Owned vehicles (if any), including the insured’s own vehicle and heavy goods vehicles.

2 packages offered:

  • RC/DR, driver warranty, assistance;
  • Damage cover, including personal effects, non-standard accessories, financial loss.

Comfort options for cars:

  • Replacement value 12 months;
  • Enhanced assistance.

Specific options :

  • Professional facilities;
  • Truck assistance;
  • Internal breakage;
  • Transported goods;
  • Operating civil liability.


Business premises


Covers the following goods: buildings, specific constructions, such as sludge traps, underground tanks, external concrete slabs, and professional contents.


Warranties offer you extensive coverage, including:

  • Glass breakage, extended to signs and totems
  • Operating loss, 12 or 24 months, including in the event of impossibility of access or lack of supplier;
  • Theft of professional equipment extended to the premises, even outside, where the activity is carried out;
  • Breakage, in all premises, of portable computer equipment;
  • All risks except for unspecified perils.


Breakdown of machinery and computer equipment is indemnified at replacement value for three years.


Civil liability

Third party liability is included as part of the cover and includes:

  • Operational liability component
  • Post-delivery and post-reception liability component;
  • Non-consequential damage (e.g., damage caused by a design or packaging defect).


Two options are available:

  • Liability for dangerous dogs (dogs in the 1st or 2nd category);
  • Building owner’s liability, if the insured is the owner of the premises.



Light vehicle assistance includes two levels:

  • Basic assistance (included for entrusted vehicles), without kilometre allowance, breakdown cover ceiling of €200;
  • Optional enhanced assistance: replacement vehicle of the same category for six days (30 days in the event of theft).


A “heavy goods vehicle assistance” option is available; lifting, towing, for HGVs less than 8 years old, and replacement vehicles.


Assistance services for the premises and for the insured complete the system:

  • Guarding of the damaged premises for 48 hours;
  • Emergency locksmith repair;
  • Repatriation assistance when traveling (by car or not);
  • Assistance in the event of the company director’s absence from work.