Cyber risks

Faced with the increased risks of cybercrime, Axeria provides companies with comprehensive, simple, and accessible insurance.

Cyberattacks on the rise

One in two French companies suffered a cyberattack in 2021. Increasing strongly, year on year, cyber risks can have a strong impact, causing business interruption, leakage or loss of sensitive data, as well as deterioration of the company’s reputation.


  • 70% of SME victims of a computer attack file for bankruptcy within three years (Source Ifop).
  • 75% of ransomware attacks targeted SMBs in 2021.
  • €50,000 is the median cost of a cyberattack.


A comprehensive policy to cover cyber risks

Axeria offers a comprehensive contract of €100,000 to €1 million in guarantees, to compensate the company following a cyberattack. Our offer covers ransomware attacks in particular, and above all, provides technical assistance, thanks to cyber-security experts, to restore information systems, enablng you to resume your activity quickly.


A specific assistance and crisis management service

Our offer includes the provision of a crisis coordinator, specialising in cybercrime. Depending on the type of cyberattack, we appoint an expert to investigate, measure the extent of the breach, and prevent it from happening again. The contract covers the costs of legal advice or consulting a lawyer, internet monitoring on the use of suspected stolen data, telephone assistance, as well as notifications of reputational damage due to stolen personal data.


Guarantees to preserve business continuity

  • Public liability;
  • Responsibility for the content of the website;
  • Administrative investigations: defence costs when an investigation is conducted by CNIL;
  • PCI-DSS penalties: in case of violation of PCI-DSS Security Standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, data security standard for the payment card industry);
  • Public relations: communication costs necessary, following reputation damage;
  • Cyber-extortion: payment under duress;
  • Data reconstruction costs: breach or inability to access protected data;
  • Operating loss: during the interrupted period and for a period of 60 days.