Health Professionals Office

Aware of the particular needs of healthcare professionals, Axeria has a specific and personalised product to insure their premises.

A contract dedicated to healthcare professionals

You are a general practitioner or specialist, ophthalmologist, dental surgeon, physiotherapist, osteopath, prosthetist. You practice in a medical centre or nursing home, in a radiology or ultrasound centre. Insure your professional premises with an insurance adapted to the specificities of your profession.


A flexible product

In a single policy, premises are insured against damage and financial loss. Several sites can be covered under the same contract.


4 formulae for essential guarantees

They cover the essential guarantees, notably fire and liquid damage up to:

  • 500 € per m2
  • 1000 € per m2
  • 2000 € per m2
  • 2 500 000 €


3 excess levels

  • 150 €
  • 300 €
  • 600 €


A wide range of damage cover

Guarantees included in the contract, in addition to the essential guarantees:

  • Civil liability for premises;
  • Glass breakage, including signs.


Optional guarantees for full coverage on the same contract:

  • Theft, vandalism;
  • Breakage of machinery and computer equipment;
  • All risks except;
  • All risks energy efficient equipment;
  • Loss of market value to the business;
  • Civil liability to building owner;
  • Financial losses;
  • Legal protection;
  • Damaged or lost fluids;
  • Loss of goods under regulated temperatures;
  • Operating civil liability.


Full support included

  • Provision of a commercial vehicle to transfer goods after a disaster;
  • Provision of adequate equipment for temperature-controlled goods;
  • Emergency breakdown service, with cover for travel and intervention of the specialist;
  • “Electronic safe” service to store computer documents securely.


Optional: further sustainability of the activity

  • Additional operating costs: possible application of the guarantee following an administrative closure of the establishment or impossibility of access;
  • Key person: costs of a temporary replacement, part of the profit not made during the period of absence, additional costs incurred in maintaining turnover.