Multi-risk for professionals in the sale of motorcycles and similar

The motorcycle trade is a universe of enthusiasts, which covers various services, such as sales, mechanics, accessories, warehousing, etc. To devote himself fully to his trade and calmly manage his activity, the professional must benefit from a specific insurance, capable of covering his activity as a whole.

The professionals concerned

The contract is aimed at professionals, whose main activity is the sale of 2 or 3-wheeled motorised vehicles, scooters, motorcycles, trikes, quads, buggies, snowmobiles, sidecars, jet skis, new and used.


Our offer covers the following activities:

  • Sale of motorised vehicles 2 or 3 wheels;
  • Maintenance and repair;
  • Sale of accessories and spare parts;
  • Sale of cycles;
  • Sales depots.


A specific, complete and adapted contract

Produced in collaboration with motorcycle professionals, this is also an all-in-one contract.

Your company is protected as a whole:

  • The vehicles;
  • Premises and their contents;
  • Responsibilities related to the profession;
  • Financial security;
  • Legal protection.

A rate adapted to your insurance needs, as you can adjust your coverage, according to the specific needs of your company.


Take advantage of a “responsible” rate!

You have implemented prevention and safety measures in your establishment:

  • Fire prevention;
  • Theft protection;
  • Heating, etc.

We take this into account by reducing the amount of your contribution.


Our guarantees in detail

A complete contract, which provides guarantees for vehicles, professional activity, and its environment. Discover the risks covered by this contract, as well as its options.


For your vehicles

All vehicles in the dealership are covered by an unlimited number of all-risk policies (within the limit of the LCI);

  • Vehicles intended for sale;
  • Vehicles entrusted by customers;
  • Vehicles owned by the dealership;
  • Your personal vehicle.

Reimbursement of  motorcyclist’s equipment


Full 0 km assistance in the event of:

  • Accident;
  • Breakdown;
  • Vehicle theft.

Assistance can be combined with a replacement vehicle for 12 days following:

  • Accident;
  • Vehicle theft.


For your professional activity

As a professional, you take your work seriously. Despite everything, you are not immune to complaints from your customers. Therefore, the contract guarantees the liability you may incur as a seller and repairer.

And because it is a comprehensive policy, non-consequential damage is also covered.

For example, your customer buys a new motorbike, with which he wants to participate in a motorcycle rally. His motorbike is not delivered on time and he cannot participate in the competition. We cover the registration fees incurred (within the limit provided for in the Special Conditions).

As an option, it is also possible to subscribe to a civil liability insurance for dangerous dogs, if it corresponds to your needs.


For your professional environment

Your business premises and their contents

To ensure that your business premises and their contents are protected, essential cover is included, such as:

  • Fire;
  • Electrical damage;
  • Machinery breakdown;
  • Water damage, etc.

Without any action required on your part, the value of the guaranteed content is automatically increased by 10%, between the months of March and September (24 hours of Le Mans/Bol d’Or, etc.), taking into account the period when your activity is most intense.



If, following a disaster, your premises must be monitored for the safety of the goods it contains, we organise and pay for the presence of a security guard for 48 hours, to monitor the premises.


Optional guarantees

  • Theft of contents and property damage;
  • Glass breakage;
  • All computer and office automation risks;
  • “Anything except” for extended protection beyond main events.


Financial protection option

In order to ensure your financial security, two guarantees are offered as options:

  • Operating loss following the main events (fire, water damage, etc.) extended to such things as, machine breakdown, lack of suppliers, and impossibility of access;
  • Loss of market value of your business.


Motorbike Mechanical Breakdown Option

This is a real sales support tool, since it guarantees second-hand motorbikes and similar products for sale, against random mechanical breakdowns.