Director’s civil liability

Civil liability insurance for executives and corporate officers protects them from the financial consequences of their personal liability being called into question, in the event of misconduct in the performance of their duties.

The responsibility of a leader: easy to engage

Managers may be held personally liable for mismanagement, non-compliance with the articles of association, or violation of a legal or regulatory provision. Faced with the proliferation of proceedings against company directors, it is essential for them to ensure that they benefit from a wide-ranging civil liability insurance in the appropriate amount.


Our liability contract for managers: protective

SMEs and SMIs, non-profit organisations, associations, federations, etc. Our directors’ civil liability contract covers many beneficiaries and offers strong guarantees.


Extensive motives

With many grounds for questioning included in directors’ civil liability contracts, the latter are covered in many circumstances; management faults, errors, omissions, negligence, non-compliance with the articles of association, violation of a law or settlement, whether these acts are presumed or proven.


Many beneficiaries

Our contract covers a wide range of beneficiaries, such as legal managers, de facto managers, founders, employees, spouses, cohabitants, partners, heirs, legatees, legal representatives, and successors.


A contract with strong guarantees:

  • Free choice of lawyer and defense costs in the event of an investigation and administrative proceedings;
  • Guarantee of external mandates in shareholdings;
  • Automatic integration of subsidiaries;
  • Third-party managers between themselves;
  • Extension of guarantees to the subscribing company in the event of a non-separable fault;
  • Guarantee covering managers, agents, or employees, in the event of disputes arising from conflicts relating to social relations;
  • Costs incurred as a result of damage to reputation;
  • Psychological support costs;
  • Support costs in the event of a property restriction measure;
  • Extension of safeguards to extradition procedures;
  • Costs of appointing an ad hoc representative or a mediator;
  • For companies declaring more than €500,000 in turnover: defense costs in an emergency situation, costs of setting up criminal bail, defense costs in the event of a joint claim, costs of appearance.